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Government Procurement

Scofes & Associates is uniquely positioned to assist business, both large and small, in the area of government contracting. With over twenty years of public procurement experience working with state, county and local governments in Michigan and across the country, the firm’s ability to assist clients is unmatched.

Today, more than ever, mining public sector business can be a profitable venture that demands skillful partners who understand the process to achieve results. Our firm has years of experience successfully assisting companies toward development of new opportunities at the local, county, state, and federal government levels. We work closely with our clients to develop a comprehensive approach that sets them apart from their competitors. Our method allows companies to develop key relationships with critical decision makers while simultaneously developing a thorough knowledge of public sector programs and processes, and their complexities. The coupling of knowledge and relationships is a powerful tool that levels the business playing field to our clients’ advantage.

Our team understands government contracting rules, regulations, practices and trends. In addition to relationship building with state and federal agency executives and program personnel, we offer clients a full spectrum of public procurement services from help in understanding how to market to government agencies, how to find government contract opportunities, and how to best prepare for and navigate the bid process to reviewing and helping craft responses to Requests for Proposals (RFPs), monitoring the bid evaluation and award process, assisting with bid debriefings and, if necessary, initiating and guiding clients through the award recommendation protest process. We can also assist companies in understanding how to leverage themselves with cooperative purchasing opportunities, as well as assist with efforts to obtain General Services Administration (GSA) schedule status.