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Why Scofes?


At Scofes & Associates we open new doors for our clients with innovative approaches and strategic thinking–doors that lead to opportunity and success.  

  • We are a full-service, government relations, and business-to-business solutions firm, specializing in legislative and issue advocacy.

  • Our principals combine their experience and knowledge with an understanding of the legislative and Executive Branch processes and possess a comprehensive understanding of the legislative, regulatory, and political issues that effect policy decisions.

  • We have an extensive network of contacts we can call upon to deliver results.

  • We help our clients navigate the increasingly complex political environment, securing the necessary changes to shape policy and achieve goals.

  • We work with our clients to analyze their issues, identify their goals, anticipate any future issues that might develop, and assist them in implementing a timely and an effective government relations strategy.

  • We develop innovative solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients in a cost-effective manner.

  • We identify our clients' allies, establish formal and informal relationships with them, and deliver our clients' messages to the decision makers who can have an effect on their issues.

  • Our clients value our services because they are based on a solid foundation of success, knowledge, and integrity.

  • The recognition of S&A by America's Best Lobbyist publication and Crain's Detroit Business is a mark of excellence that demonstrates the firm's stature in handling legislative issues on a state and national level.

  • Unlike the large government relations/public affairs "mills" in Michigan, S&A does not send a senior partner to pitch business and then assign a junior account executive to handle the client's affairs.

  • When given an assignment, we produce--quickly. Our clients never get lost in the bureaucracy of a public relations behemoth.
What We Do

Issues Management
S&A’s goal is to move agendas and achieve results in governmental, political, and business arenas. Providing solutions for complex business problems requires combining extensive research with a comprehensive strategy.  In order to serve as a successful advocate for our clients, we perform a complete analysis of our clients' goals and areas potentially affected by those goals.  We enhance our experience and planning by building coalitions, monitoring legislation, and organizing grassroots involvement in support of our clients' interests. S&A has nurtured long‑term partnerships with the state's top public relations and law firms necessary to achieve our clients' goals.

Strategy Development
The uninitiated can become entangled in hidden agendas and personalities when seeking public or government support for even the most worthy ideas.  S&A’s depth of knowledge and keen understanding of the political dynamics of Michigan politics is interwoven into the strategy of each individual client. Each client will aid in the formation of a planned strategy by taking into consideration the myriad of elements affected by their decisions.  Once developed, S&A and our client will form a working partnership and execute the plan of action. In the end, we have built a team that will marshal the forces that drive public policy.

Our client base comprises a wide range of enterprises, from Fortune 500 companies to smaller businesses and associations. We achieve results because we are purposefully moderate in size and decidedly aggressive. Therefore, we are able to provide our clients with the personal attention and excellent service they deserve. We strive to provide each of our clients the attention, service, and skills of a senior partner.

S&A works closely with many of the major and smaller law firms throughout the state of Michigan. S&A has been extremely helpful in assisting various law firms’ clients in navigating the bureaucratic waters of state government on a variety of issues. S&A possesses the relationships and contacts needed to help move the process along when dealing with state government.

Environment and Agency Services
Environmental regulatory requirements have become increasingly numerous and complex in recent years. It can be very difficult for businesses to navigate through the regulatory bureaucracy at both state and federal agencies. S&A’s consultant, Rollie Harmes, has over 30 years of experience in state environmental and natural resources programs. As the Director of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources from 1991 to 1995, he has experience with federal, state, and local government regulations; real estate law; and the federal and state processes. He has working knowledge of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. His strategic policy and program knowledge can assist Michigan businesses and companies interested in locating in Michigan. This further enhances S&A’s ability to meet all our clients’ needs for the future on environmental, natural resource, energy, and real estate issues. Mr. Harmes’ experience and knowledge has positioned S&A as the premier firm on environmental issues.

Public Relations
S&A partners with various public relation firms in Michigan when media relation, image management, and crisis communication expertise is needed.

To further meet the needs of our clients, S&A retains the services of top polling firms in the area of message test polling, ballot initiatives, and database development. Through specific and reliable survey research and interpretation, these polling firms can help our clients accurately gauge, influence, and communication public opinion on their issue concerns.