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Areas of Practice

Scofes & Associates Consulting has evolved into a premier, multi-client governmental consulting firm offering services including government lobbying, procurement consulting, business development, and consultant management.


Government Lobbying


Scofes & Associates Consulting, Inc. has evolved into a premier, multi-client governmental consulting firm setting high standards to follow. Our current principals have over 70 combined years of legislative and administrative experience. As governmental relations professionals, we provide advice and intelligence that is both effective and efficient for our clients.  Our strong understanding and experience operating within the governmental arena gives us a unique perspective, allowing us to work with you to build strategic relationships and to protect your interests.  Whether it be resolving a public policy problem, creating strategies to neutralize an opponent or gain an ally, developing, promoting, or opposing legislative efforts, or learning how to operate effectively in the public sector, we serve as a successful advocate for our clients.

Beyond skills and experience lay personal relationships. Our extensive network reaches every level of government including members of the Legislature, the Executive Office, and top administrators of various state departments and agencies. Scofes & Associates works in conjunction with our clients to build strategic relationships and execute a plan of action to maximize opportunities and secure legislative advantages.



Scofes and Associates has over 25 years of experience working with the gaming industry in both commercial and tribal casino levels in the state of Michigan. We provide our clients with legislative vigilance, on state and local levels of government, along with research, analysis, and recommendations to connect and navigate the unique issues that are presented to state legislatures, through present and proposed casino gaming facilities. We are proud of our work in the gaming industry, which has resulted in thriving commercial and tribal casinos in the state of Michigan.



Scofes & Associates is uniquely positioned to assist businesses, both large and small, in the area of government contracting. With over twenty years of public procurement experience working with state, county, and local governments in Michigan and across the country, our firm’s ability to assist clients is unmatched.

Mining public sector business can be a profitable venture that demands skillful partners who understand the process to achieve results. Our method allows companies to develop key relationships with critical decision makers while simultaneously developing a thorough knowledge of complex public sector programs and processes. 

Our team understands government contracting rules, regulations, practices and trends. We offer clients a full spectrum of public procurement services from understanding how to market to government agencies, how to find government contract opportunities, and how to best navigate the bid process. We review and help craft responses to Requests for Proposals (RFPs), monitor the bid evaluation and award process, assist with bid debriefings and, if necessary, initiate and guide clients through the award recommendation protest process. We can also assist companies in understanding how to leverage themselves with cooperative purchasing opportunities, as well as assist with efforts to obtain General Services Administration (GSA) schedule status.

Business Development


Scofes & Associates helps encourage business development by helping companies steer through the bureaucratic red tape in state and local governments throughout the United States. We possess contacts throughout all branches of local, state and federal government in order to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives by meeting with key decision makers within these government arenas.

Our firm has a national presence and has used our influence to garner a bevy of respectable clients in all lines of business including telecommunications, homeland security, information technology, and automotive technology to name a few. We are knowledgeable and experienced, efficient and accountable, and responsive and accessible. We stand ready to assist you.

Consultant Management


S&A works to retain the best and most appropriate lobbyists for our clients’ needs. It is important that the consultants we choose are capable of navigating in the public sector through making and maintaining the necessary connections. We manage consultant for various clients across the United States. We manage contract negotiations between the client and lobbyists and provide our clients with the proper tools to help manage their consultants.


Information Technology

In the ever-changing landscape of information technology, our consultants offer the expertise and experience to effectively position organizations to succeed.  From our knowledge of the requirements to effectively implement the next data center in the public sector, to delivering the best quality of service for a data migration a vendor delivers to ensure success, Scofes & Associates is capable of handling any challenges in the Information Technology field. 

With strong backgrounds in telecommunications, computer information management, sales, and infrastructure, our team can help advise, map, guide and deliver the results for any organization looking to take the next step in their plan for information technology. 

Cyber Security

Our cyber security practices include a complete analysis of environment, from top to bottom, to determine not only what needs to be done today to identify and prevent attacks, but also what can be done to ensure an organization’s information is not put in jeopardy in the future.  Our consultants provide the immeasurable value of knowing that an organization’s data is safe from outside threats and internal forces.  In analyzing the cyber threats that face every organization, we assist in developing a strategy to identify and mitigate threats and attacks before they have the opportunity to impact an organization.