Scofes & Associates Consulting Inc.
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Why Scofes?

Why Scofes? We act with integrity, help with strategy development, have access to legal resources, can manage issues when they appear, and partners with various public relations and polling firms.


Scofes and Associates works closely with smaller and major law firms throughout the state of Michigan to assist various clients through the bureaucratic waters of state government. We possess the relationships and the contacts needed to efficiently work with the state government.


Our client base comprises a wide range of enterprises, from Fortune 500 companies to smaller businesses. Our purposefully moderate size allows us to provide personal attention and excellent service to each client, while efficiently achieving their desired outcomes.  

Strategy Development

We understand the hidden agendas and personalities in both public and government support, even for the most worthy ideas. Our depth of knowledge and keen understanding of Michigan politics is interwoven into the strategy of each individual client. Once we have worked with a client to develop strategies, we work with the client to form a working partnership and execute our course of action.

Issue Management

Our primary goal is to move agendas and achieve results in governmental, political, and business arenas. Providing solutions for complex business problems requires a combination of extensive research and comprehensive strategy. In order to serve as a successful advocate for our clients, we perform complete analyses of our clients’ goals, build coalitions, monitor legislation, and organize grassroots involvement in support of client interests.  

Public Relations and Grassroots/Polling

Scofes and Associates partners with various public relations firms in Michigan when media relation, image management, and crisis communication expertise is needed. To further meet our clients’ needs, we retain the services of top polling firms in the area of message test polling, ballot initiatives, and database development. Through specific and reliable survey research and interpretation, these polling firms can help our clients accurately determine, influence, and communicate public opinion on their issue concerns.